3 Things To Know When Buying Bar Towels For Your Restaurant

When shopping for bar towels you will notice price increases when the weight of the towel also increases. While it may be tempting to cut costs by using a lighter towel, here are three things to know when purchasing wholesale bar towels.

  • A heavier bar towel doesn’t transfer the heat like a lighter bar towel. This comes in handy when a staff member goes to pull something out of the oven, or when handling hot dishes. A heavier bar towel will actually protect your hands, whereas a cheaper lighter towel will not be able to protect from hot dishes or pans.
  • A heavier bar towel is obviously more absorbent. But not only is it more absorbent but it will also be better at scrubbing counters, tables, and dishes. Your bartender will love using a heavier towel when a drink spills because of how absorbent a 32 OZ. bar mop will be. It’s important for your bartender to be able to clean a spill with one swipe instead of having to use ore bar towels, or by having to just spreading liquid around the counters without actually soaking up the spilled drink.
  • Not only does Star Industrial Supplies have cotton bar mops, but we carry microfiber bar mops as well. Microfiber bar mops are becoming more and more popular because of how absorbent microfiber is compared to cotton. It also lasts longer, looks cleaner, and saves money in the long run. Microfiber bar mops are becoming a staple in the restaurant industry, don’t get left behind request a quote today.

Best bar towels and linens for your restaurant


Whether you own small local diner, or a national restaurant chain, Star Industrial can offer you the bar towels and linens your restaurant needs. From bar towels, to napkins, to table linen, we can do it all to give your guests the best experience possible. To place an order give us a call at 303-295-7737, or request a quote here. 

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