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Why Your Hospital Should Partner With Star Industrial Supply


Running a hospital is an extremely complicated process, so the last thing you want to worry about is basic logistics. Supplying, cleaning, and discarding the huge number of surgical rags, commercial linens, cleaning rags, and mop pads is a chore — luckily, Star Industrial can help shoulder part of the burden.


Buying In Bulk Saves Time And Money


One of the greatest benefits of buying from Star Industrial is being able to buy all your hospital supplies in bulk. Whether it’s recycled rags, microfiber wipes or mop pads, or commercial linens, buying in large quantities means fewer purchases and lower prices.


We also guarantee that our inventory will always be in stock, and our distribution centers all over the country will ensure quick, cost-effective shipping to any location nationwide. We offer free next-day delivery for clients local to the Denver area and guaranteed next-day shipping to clients anywhere else in the country.


Coverage Of All Your Hospital Needs


Hospitals go through a lot of supplies — luckily for you, we’ve got everything you could ask for. When it comes to cleaning, we carry a wide array of microfiber wipes, towels, and mop pads. Microfiber dries quickly, can be laundered up to 500 times, and has fiber so small that they can literally wipe the bacteria off a surface, giving you a sanitized floor or counter without the need for disinfectant.


We also manufacture commercial linens so you can keep your guests comfortable and happy. Whether you need larger quantities on a tight budget or more premium fabrics, our selection is perfect for any hospital setting.


Buy Local, Think Global


At Star Industrial, we’re enormously proud of our buyback program. How does it work? When you have sheets or towels that have outlived their usefulness, we’ll come pick them up and buy them back from you buy the pound, delivering the new sheets and towels at the same time.


We then recycle the used fabrics — some of them get broken down in traditional recycling plants, but the usable ones get sent to areas like Pakistan and West Africa where clean sheets and towels are hard to come by. Hospitals in developing countries are in desperate need of usable textiles and we’re happy to provide them, while saving our local clients money at the same time!


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