How Red Star Rags Gives Back

We’ve been around since 1917, offering competitive prices on wiping cloths and towels to the Denver area for countless industries. That’s over 100 years of experience.


Every year, we recycle, sort, and grade more than 15 million pounds of used clothing and textiles to make our recycled wiping rags products, making us an industry leader in textile recycling.


We also buy most of our materials from local thrift organizations, which allows us to closely examine the materials we purchase and sustain a higher standard of quality than many of our competitors. It also allows us to provide funding for local thrift organizations, which provide a valuable service to the local community.


Thrift stores provide access to newer and better clothes than the average low-income family would otherwise be able to afford, in addition to furniture and home goods. That allows them to keep kids clothed through any growth spurt without having to find hand-me-downs or borrowing, which can be difficult to coordinate.


Many thrift stores are also actively involved with local charities. Some of them are owned by larger non-profits, providing a valuable revenue stream for other vital projects like food banks, palliative care, family support, education, and many others.


Thrift stores also have a positive impact on the environment. The average American throws away 85 pounds of clothing every single year, most of which could be reused or recycled. Thrift stores give those clothes a second life, keeping them out of landfills and making them useful again.





Red Apple Recycling


Red Apple Recycling is the charity arm of Red Star Rags, a Denver-based non-profit with an emphasis on wellness programs for local schools and sustainability programs all over the Front Range of Colorado.


We take in clean clothing, shoes, toys, stuffed animals, leather goods, and any household textile. We then recycle them and re-sell them as recycled rags or traditional thrift goods, and you earn money for your local school!


We have Little Red Schoolhouses that accept donations all over the greater Denver area, as well as in Boulder, Loveland, and Fort Collins. If you’re not sure where your nearest drop-off location is, you can check our website or simply give us a shout!


And if there isn’t a Little Red Schoolhouse in your area, don’t worry. You can sign your business up to host your own collection box! Hosting a collection box for Red Apple Recycling shows your support for Colorado education and communicates your concern for environmental conservation, both of which will draw the community to your doorstep.


To date, Red Apple Recycling has raised over $60,000 for local school projects, including recycling initiatives, composting infrastructure, construction of school gardens, and student wellness programs. We’ll continue serving our communities and our planet, and we’re proud to be a local force for good.


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