Microfiber 16×16 Glass Cloths

August 8, 2017

$ 24.00

  • 1-4 Packs – 24.00/pk
  • 5-9 Packs – 22.00/pk
  • 10+ Packs – 18.00/pk


  • These blue glass cloths are ideal for polishing and window cleaning
  • A must have for window cleaning services
  • Lint free and highly absorbent
  • Will not scratch delicate surfaces
  • Launder up to 500 times
  • Wash separately in cool water, and dry on low heat
  • Size: 16×16
  • Sold in packs of 12

Streak Free Windows! No need for a chemical smell around the house or workplace, these microfiber glass cloths clean with just water. Our premium glass cleaning towel will leave your mirrors and windows extra clear and shiny. Your reflection will have never looked so good!

Save Money With Green Cleaning! Instead of using paper towels to clean your window, use our glass cloth to re-use over and over again. These cloths can be washed up to 500 times! Without the use of chemicals you are promoting sustainable cleaning solutions in your home or business. Stay safe, stay clean with our microfiber glass cloths.

Versatile Cleaning! These glass cloths can be used dry ford using the television, or wet to give your windows and mirrors and extra shine. Great on car windows too! Whatever you need cleaned this glass cloth can get it done. With its extra smooth surface you can even clean the kitchen counters.