Microfiber Scrubbing Wet Flat Mops

These mops are similar to our flat wet mops but have a textured finish to allow for more abrasive cleaning. These mops are made to scrub off floors and have the same strong velcro backing as our original flat wet mops. Washable up to 500 times, 80% Polyester 20% Polyamide.

Part NumberColorSizeCase Count
M800013BBlue13″10 Dz./Cs.
M800013GGreen13″10 Dz./Cs.
M800018BBlue18″10 Dz./Cs.
M800018GGreen18″10 Dz./Cs.
M800018RRed18″10 Dz./Cs.
M800024BBlue24″10 Dz./Cs.
M800024GGreen24″10 Dz./Cs.
M800024RRed24″10 Dz./Cs.