Star Linen


First Quality Wholesale Towels And Linens

Our collection of towels are made for a variety of industries. Our finest collection begins with our Infinity Series, and our most economical is our Polar Series.  We offer our products both bale and box packed to best fit your needs. Since 1917 we have been a textile manufacturer and we pride ourselves on the quality of our textile products. For a quote on any of our products please call 303-295-7737.

Infinity Series

Our infinity series is our heaviest towels, and are made for luxury hotels, resorts, or any other industry looking to provide the finest quality towels on earth. 

Pilot Series

Our Pilot Series is made for the hospitality industry. We offer our products both bale packed, and box packed to best fit your needs. These towels are ring spun, and bright white to give your customers the experience they deserve. 

Aspen Series

This is our 100% Ring Spun Cotton that provides the ultimate combination of luxury and durability. Perfect for hotels and resorts looking to make their linens last. 

Magnolia Series

These towels are 16S Open End Towels that are a great economical towel. If you want to impress your customers without breaking the bank, then this towel is for you. 

Polar Series

This collection is made with 10s open end yarn and is our most economical towel. Perfect for motels, gyms, nursing homes, and other facilities looking to bring the most economical towel to their business. 

             BED LINEN

                     Our poly/cotton blend is designed for the hospitality and             healthcare markets. We provide maximum value for our clients. 

Specialty Towel Collections

We want to provide distributors with everything they need to grow and reach maximum profits. We have towels for pools, salons, and more.

Colored Towels

These towels are perfect for golf clubs, salons, gyms, and hotels. 100% Ring Spun Cotton.

blue salon towel

Pool/Cabana Towels

We carry a full line of basic or luxury pool and cabana towels with the ability to private label. 

Bleach Safe Stylist Towels

Our towels are guaranteed to protect from color loss from bleach or other chemicals. 

Bulk Restaurant Linen

Our restaurant linen is a must have for restaurant laundries and restaurants supply distributors.

Wholesale Bar Mops

Bright white, and striped, our bar mops are packed in bags of 60 and are ready to be used immediately. Saving commercial laundries a wash cycle. 

Poly Spun Napkins

A must have for restaurant laundries. We offer durable poly spun napkins and aprons. 

Herringbone Kitchen Towels

Our herringbone interlaced weave makes a stronger towel than traditional bar towels.