Wholesale Bar Towels

Wholesale Bar Towels For Every Budget

Wholesale bar towels that are perfect for clean and toss situations and color coded cleaning options. At Star Industrial Supplies we carry both. By being able to source B-Grade items from manufacturers all over the world, we pass on the savings to our customers. The difference between B-Grade and A-Grade could be a slight mis-weave, discoloration, or other slight deformations in the towel. B-Grade bar towels are perfect for clean and toss situations. 

B-Grade Bar Towels

These bar mops are made with recycled yarn so will look slightly less asthetic than our A Grade Bar Mops.

  • Packed: 100 doz/bale.

Route Ready bar mops are bright white and packed in bags of 60 so you never have to pre-wash or recount them prior to use.This saves laundries at least 70¢ per dozen by freeing washroom employees time to work on other commercial laundry needs.  Find our collection of wholesale bar towels here

  • Folded 60/poly, soft bale pack.
  • Bright white, durable, woven labels.
  • Private Label Upon Request

32oz Bright White 12/S Yarn

  • Blue Center Stripe RR-B32
  • Gold Center Stripe RR-G32
  • Green Center Stripe RR-GN32

28oz White

  • RR-W28

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