Wholesale New White Knits

Our new mill ends are made from consumer textile productions. Our global supply chain allows us to import fresh high quality 100% cotton material that is great for painters, stainers, and more

Part NumberDescriptionSizeUnit of Sale

New White Washed T-Shirt Wipers
• Washed and treated for absorbency
• Finest White Knit Wiper

14 X 14 to 20 X 20CASE/Bag
WR-NTNew Premium quality t-shirt weight material14 X 14 to 20 X 20CASE/Bag
WR-NT2Medium Weight White Knitted Wipers
• Washed white knitted material
• Slight Texture
• Cheaper alternative to our premium quality 
14 X 14 to 20 X 20CASE/Bag