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Why You Should Buy Rags In Bulk

Rags are rags, right? Not so fast. While the random scraps of cloth you use for wiping and cleaning around your restaurant, bar, hotel, or shop might seem like the last thing you need to put any thought into, you really should be buying them recycled and in bulk. Here’s why.

Save Money In Bulk


First of all, bulk discounts are a no-brainer. The more you buy, the deeper the discounts, and the better your margins on wholesale rags. As any business owner knows, even small costs can add up quickly, especially on things that are just getting thrown away, like cleaning supplies.


The solution? Recycled rags in bulk. Besides the bulk discounts, you’re also buying rags that are getting a second life, recycled from sweatshirts, t-shirts, flannels, towels, and bedding. That means they’re getting sourced from thrift stores and buyback programs, so they’re already cheaper than making new rags from scratch. Those savings get passed on to you.


Besides the initial cost, recycled rags are far more durable than disposable paper towels, so they’ll last longer and save you even more money in the long run. Because they’re sourced from thicker, stronger fabrics, they can stand up to more punishment and more laundering before they need to be replaced.


Save The Earth With Recycling


Did you know that even though almost 100% of textiles can be recycled, only 15% actually are? That leads to over 15 million tons of textile waste in the United States alone, every single year.


But you don’t have to contribute to that cycle. Instead of letting unwanted, unsold clothing from thrift stores go to waste, Red Star Rags buys them, cuts them into convenient sizes, and re-sells them as bulk wiping rags. That way, they don’t clog up landfills, and they can keep serving a useful purpose long after their original owners don’t want them anymore.


Red Star even recycles their own products. When towels and other fabrics are used up, Red Star will buy them back, recycle them, and give you credit toward another purchase. That way, you keep the cycle of recycling going, and the earth thanks you just a little.

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